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OrthoVentions invests in GeminiOV, a partnership with HSS, to develop MRI-imaging solutions for joint health assessment. Led by Dr. Andy Pearle, the technology utilizes AI for real-time 3D joint visualization, enhancing surgical planning.

ATLANTA, October 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- OrthoVentions LLC today announced its investment in GeminiOV, an early-stage company created in partnership with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). GeminiOV is developing novel MRI-imaging and volumetric analysis solutions to provide non-invasive and interactive 3D views inside of joints — creating a digital twin.

"GeminiOV has the potential to reshape how we leverage musculoskeletal MRI images to assist in evaluating joint health, optimize surgical planning, and enhance patient engagement," said Dr Andy Pearle, Co-Founder of GeminiOV, and Chief of Sports Medicine at HSS. "Our technology uses proprietary AI-based algorithms to deliver a real-time volumetric assessment of joint health and provide surgeons a critical 3D view of the joint. This fundamentally improves the efficiency and precision of the legacy MRI-imaging investments."

Under the terms of the investment, the company will be funded to complete product development and an initial commercial launch targeting the rapidly growing musculoskeletal imaging and surgical planning market. The initial application will focus on creating a digital twin of the knee recognizing that each year over 1.8 million knee procedures are performed in the US alone. The company will also dedicate resources to expand its product pipeline to deliver digital twin solutions for the shoulder, hip, foot, and ankle.

Jagi Gill, Founder and Managing Director of OrthoVentions, said, "We are excited to partner with Dr Pearle and the rest of the team to bring this compelling technology to market. This investment serves as a blueprint for OrthoVentions where we partner with surgeon-inventors to identify, develop, and launch innovation utilizing a blend of best-in-class service partners across product development, marketing, and regulatory affairs.

About OrthoVentions:

OrthoVentions LLC is a dedicated healthcare fund collaborating with the Hospital for Special Surgery to identify and develop novel technologies developed by their premiere musculoskeletal surgeons. The principals at OrthoVentions bring a strong track record as founders and operators of medical technologies companies with a rich experience in developing and commercializing compelling healthcare solutions.

About GeminiOV:

GeminiOV is a cloud-based technology platform that unlocks the full potential of MRI through advanced AI guidance and enhanced visualization algorithms. It is pioneering a new era of patient-friendly orthopedic innovation that will bring new levels of precision to how healthcare professionals assess, predict, and manage joint health. (


Rom Papadopoulos
Chief Financial Officer
OrthoVentions LLC

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